Yunkai Ait ben haddou - Morocco

game of thrones lso in Yunkai spires the Harpy of Old Ghis. The Yellow City, as it is called, is ruled by the Wise Masters. Its treasures aren't the fierce Unsullieds, but the bed slaves, educated in the Seven Sighs art.

The second city in the Slaver's Bay, the voluptuous Yunkai has been recreated in the wonderful oasis of Ait ben Haddou, a Unesco World Heritage Site at the bottom of the red Atlas Mountain.

Here Daenerys marches with her army until the walls of the city, where she will be received by people claiming “Mysha Mysha!” We will reach the ancient Kasbah that still dominates the valley, in the great South of Morocco, walking in front of the walls where Game of Thrones was shot.

Travel with us, before the winter comes