Drakarys The Tour

game of thrones ravel with us toward the Seven Kingdoms.

Through a 5 days trip to Morocco we'll explore the locations and the set where the Game of Thrones series have been filmed.

Travelling from Marrakesh to Essaouira, from Ait Ben Haddou to Ouarzazate, we'll follow Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons to discover Essos and its ancient cities.

1st day: Toward the Seven Kingdoms

Marrakesh is major city in Southern Morocco and our base to explore the various locations used in the series. After visiting the historical city center and dining in central Djema el-Fna, we will return to our Ryad to sleep.

2nd day: Astapor

Essaouira Game of thrones

In the early morning we’ll go to Astapor. Essaouira´s medina was chosen as the Unsullied City. We’ll visit Skala de la Ville, where Daenerys met for the first time the scaring warriors. After lunch we’ll discover the Punishment Walk, until reaching Skala do Port, where the Kalheesi escaped from the Qarth wizards’ attack and met Sir Barristan Selmy.

We’ll return to Marrakesh for dinner.

3rd day: Exploring Essos

The third day we’ll go south to Ait ben Haddou oasis. Before reaching the ancient citadel walls, we’ll have a stop in the Atlas Studios of Ouarzazate, at the beginning of the desert. Some of the most important sequences of the serie were shooted in this studios. We’ll walk inside the big square where Daenerys showed he could perfectly speak the High Valiryan e freed the Unsulied. Maybe the African sun will remind us of Drogon, the black dragon,...Drakarys!

We'll arrive in Ait ben Haddou for dinner.

4th day: Yunkai

Ait Ben Haddou Game of thrones

The citadel of Ait ben Haddou is composed by various Kasbahs, built upon a hill in the middle of the oasis. It is the perfect location chosen as Yunkai city. This ancient fortified village, under the Unesco Authority, is among the most marvellous sites in Morocco. We’ll walk through the narrows street where Daario Naharis led the queen’s knights. Exploring the ancient maze, we’ll try to reach the top of the castle. From there, we will admire the landscape thinking about the eight thousand Unsullied route, through the stony hill and the hot sand.

We'll return to Marrakesh for dinner.

5th day: Return

The silver Queen freed all the slaves, the Slavery Bay is now in peace. We have to leave this amazing Country. Some free time for shopping in Marrakesh and transfer to the airport.

Hurry up, Winter is Coming.

Tour price

The fee includes:
hotels, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, entrance to sites and monuments, internal transport (minibus), Guides "Samsara Viaggi".

The fee does not include: flight, alcoholic drinks, tips.

Total cost: 950 euro each person

For more info, questions and departures, send us a raven