Essos Morocco

game of thrones eyond the Narrow Sea, beyond the Free Cities and the Smoking Sea around Valyria it lies the Slaver's Bay.

It was part of the ancient Ghiscari Empire until the Valyrian dragonlords wasted it in their way to conquer 'em all.

The last heir of the ancient Valyria, the last descendent of the Targaryen House, Daenerys is the new lord of the Slaver's Bay cities. Surrounded by warm sands, strange seas and unknown people she rules the Bay while her dragons are growing.

In the Game of Thrones series to show us the Essos continent has been chosen the South of Morocco. The walled oceanic cities, the sunny oasis in the Draa valley and the old Kasbah of the Atlas Mountain have become the perfect locations to shoot the Danerys adventures in the Salver's Bay.

Travel with us, before the winter comes