Astapor Essaouira - Morocco

game of thrones stapor, the Unsullied's city, lies on the cliffs of the Slaver's Bay. Beaten by the winds of the Summer Sea, it is protected by heavy bastions. Beyond the walls the Good Masters train the best infantry of the known world: the Unsullied, no wishes, no suffering, ruthless in the battle.

We will walk with them along the Walk of Punishment, into the Harpy's towers in the amazing town of Essaouira. Far from the main route, ancient buccaneer city, this little walled town was perfect to recreate Daenerys Targaryen's first conquest.

Strolling in its narrow streets we live again the adventures of our Khaleesi, deep in Essos, in the war of Ice and Fire.

Travel with us, before the winter comes